São Paulo in the Twenty-First Century


Table of Contents

Introduction: Heterogeneities and Inequalities in a Southern Metropolis

[Eduardo Cesar Leão Marques]

1. São Paulo, Histories, Institutions and Legacies

[Eduardo Cesar Leão Marques]

Part I: Economic Processes and Social Structure

2. Socioeconomic Transformations and Social Structure

[Eduardo Cesar Leão Marques, Rogério Jerônimo Barbosa and Ian Prates]

3. Labour Market, Income Inequalities and Poverty

[Rogério Jerônimo Barbosa and Ian Prates]

Part II: Demographic Dynamics and Segregation

4. Population Dynamics and Migration: 1991-2010

[José Marcos Pinto da Cunha]

5. Diverse Demographic Trajectories and Heterogeneity

[Eduardo Cesar Leão Marques and Carolina Requena]

6. The Social Spaces of the Metropolis in the 2000s

[Eduardo Cesar Leão Marques]

7. Inequalities and Residential Segregation by Race and Class

[Danilo França]

Part III: Processes of Space Production

8. The Dynamics of São Paulo’s Favelas: Socioeconomic Conditions and Territorial Patterns

[Camila Pereira Saraiva]

9. Public Housing Production

[Eduardo Cesar Leão Marques and Leandro de Pádua Rodrigues]

10. Private Sector Housing Developments: Who Produces What, How and Where?

[Telma Hoyler]

11. Mobility Inequalities in a Road Transport System

[Carolina Requena]